Compost, Soil & Planting Mixes

CDFA Registered GC3-Organic Composted Green Material

Composted Green Material included but is not limited to, tree and yard trimmings, untreated wood wastes, natural fiber products.

KDCI does not use any additives or harmful solutions in the processing of the material.

$33.50 per cy

Gabilan Compost is a nutrient rich soil amendment derived from composted spent mushroom substrate, ground lawn and garden trimmings, and wine grape harvest and process residue (Grape Pomace). Gabilan Conventional Compost is also an economical and environmentally friendly way to increase organic matter and improve soil quality. Produced from locally sourced raw materials that are composted and screened for quality and sizing, then tested extensively for quality assurance to meet and exceed the California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement food safety standards. Using compost increases soil water and nutrient holding capacity, suppresses plant pathogens, reduces erosion, and provides a slow-release source of nutrients.  Gabilan Conventional Compost is not a California Department of Food and Agriculture Registered Organic Input Material; therefore, it cannot be used by certified organic farmers for the production of certified organic crops.

$39.00 per cy

Made from a blend of recycled horticultural potting mix with sphagnum peat moss, coco coir, perlite, lava rock, sand. Light, fluffy and perfect for small, medium and large pots or containers.

$40.00 per cy

Made from a blend of Gabilan Compost, recycled potting mix, wood fines, and sandy loam soil. Ideal for in-ground planting of fruits, flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables and herbs. To create planting beds, apply a 4-6” layer on top of your existing soil. Thoroughly mix with existing soil using a shovel or rototiller.

$42.00 per cy

Made from a blend of Gabilan Compost, sandy loam soil, and recycled potting mix. Our Topsoil Blend is a great all-purpose garden soil for gardening, leveling, filling low areas, backfilling retaining walls, and creating garden mounds.

$40.00 per cy

Made from a blend of wood fines, Gabilan compost, recycled potting mix, and sand. A good all-purpose lawn and garden mix that can be use when reseeding or planting lawns. May also be used like planting soil. Can be used for planting in medium to large containers as well as raised beds. Water thoroughly after planting and then daily until lawn or garden becomes established.

$42.00 per cy