Mulch & Decorative Bark

Redwood mulch is a finely ground redwood product that helps maintain soil temperature and aids moisture retention. The attractive look of Redwood mulch enhances flower beds, gardens and more.

$26.25 per cy

Our forest mulch is an all-natural mulch made from wood from downed and trimmed local trees trimmings. It is a versatile groundcover for use around flower beds, trees etc.

$16.50 per cy

Deco bark is a virgin forest product made from natural Fir and Pine bark nuggets. It is available in mini, small and medium sizes and it is a great landscape addition for both appearance and functionality.

Size: Small/Mini/Medium
$77.50 per cy

Made from the bark of redwood trees, Gorilla Hair has a fine and fluffy texture and provides a decorative ground cover while helping prevent soil erosion.

$54.50 per cy

This combination bark/mulch is made from small to medium pieces of bark and wood trimmings. The texture of Walk-On Bark adheres to slopes better than most bark chunks and is effective for suppressing weed growth and help soil retain moisture.

$54.50 per cy